It Seems Ironic

. . . that I just blogged about breakfast dreams, and tried a juice fast today. . . which probably means I'll be dreaming about breakfast tonight.

Not that I mind. . . if my previous sous chef will return to help.

Anyway, my head hurts a little and I can't seem to assemble my post about Fiddler, so I'm going to shelve it for tonight and see what I can do with it tomorrow.

I am becoming convinced that my brain runs on starch, but maybe next week the nutritionist will come up with some alternative ideas.


ccr in MA said…
In one of my dreams last night, my mother and I were shopping in an old-book store, then I was showing her the board room at work. As we left, Margaret Thatcher was walking in.

I'd kind of appreciate a straightforward dream, after what I usually get.
Kate P said…
Now THAT's a vivid dream! I guess the Iron Lady was going to kick some butt in the board room. You should choose some people from the office to go in. ;)

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