One Week Since a WSJ Theft

Well, WSJ vandalism, I should say. I just started getting a free 26 week subscription (survey answering keeps me well furnished with reading matter) last week, and somebody took that Friday's edition and spread it all over the lobby, crumpled, with the first page missing (maybe to cover up my apartment number which the delivery people write in ink at the top). I guess the note I posted in the vestibule worked, and I have been enjoying every paper I've gotten since.

Anyway, there's an interesting article in there today about how Broadway shows that are popular in the U.S. or Great Britain get translated to other audiences abroad. (I think Angela will love that picture at the bottom of Wicked in Japan--she was just there!) A lot of jokes or references can be specific to the original culture, but what floored me was that there's much interest in the Legally Blonde musical abroad. Are there blond jokes in other cultures?


Pammy pam said…
i do not think there are blond jokes in other cultures. i think that they think the blond jokes are different. kinda like how we feel about ricky gervais.
Anonymous said…
That was a great article! I actually swiped an advertising poster for the Japanese Wicked while I was over there, haha ;)

Interesting about Legally Blonde though. I'm not sure if they have the blonde jokes in other cultures, but I have noticed that the obsession with being blonde is very popular in other countries as it is here. Even in Asia, the women all seem to bleach their beautiful hair this awful orange color in an effort to be blonde.
Kate P said…
And yet they wanted to produce "Legally Blonde" internationally? And people are attending it? Just seems so weird to me!

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