Brief Notes from the Desk of Kate P

Dear Grad School Bursar's Office:

Your most recent eBill was a joke, right? After three separate conversations with your office wherein I expressed my concern that my fellowship payment had not been processed this far into the term, and your response every time was, "Don't worry about it and no, you will not be hit with a late fee for it," currently you assert that I now owe said fellowship amount AND another (another!) late fee.

You will be hearing from my graduate advisor shortly, because nothing is gonna keep me from graduating this term. Not even your caprices.

Dear Pet Insurance People:

Thank you for having your location on the West Coast, so that I could call at 7 p.m. my time and your office would still be open to help me update my address and get my renewal forms. Also, thank you for laughing when after you asked how the cat liked the new(ish) apartment, I said, "Oh, she loves it and in fact right now she's taking a nap in her favorite spot on top of the kitchen cabinets."

Dear Self:

Try to forget being annoyed with the stupid people, and remember there are still nice people out there. Even if you have to call the West Coast to find them.


Kate P

P.S. Go to bed. You have to get up early to go check out the middle school tomorrow.


mightym said…
The West Coast is FAMOUS for nice people. :)
Kate P said…
I think some nice West Coast bloggers and customer service people are responsible for that reputation. ;)

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