Not Bad. I Think.

Thanks for the positive thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers. I figure there had to be supernatural stuff involved considering I almost had an incident with the car on the way there (check engine light!?) and nearly missed an important direction on the test (I haven't taken a standardized test on paper since the '90s!).

I'm saying I think I didn't do too badly because I did find a number of "Duh!" questions and most of the others were "common sense" in that they related to all the coursework and field experience I've had so far. (Full disclosure: I looked up a total of three things I thought might be on the exam this past week, but I didn't have any prep materials to study. I just made sure I got to bed at a fairly decent hour and bought myself a Wawa coffee to drink on the way.)

They give you two hours, and I finished in about an hour and fifteen minutes, and I spent another fifteen minutes or so reviewing (I changed my mind about just one answer, but I'm pretty sure both answers were wrong--oh well!) and making sure all the stupid ovals were filled in adequately. I figure it's best to go with my first answer, usually. I did struggle with a couple where I had a hard time choosing the best answer, and I know there were some names I just didn't know (although thankfully an educated guess got me one right, according to a search I just did), but honestly I'd be surprised if I'd gotten enough wrong to fail. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.

I saw that one other person was taking the same exam I was (we were grouped with mostly elementary ed exam takers) and afterwards I asked what she thought of it. She shrugged and said she'd taken it once before. Hey, that wasn't awkward. Not at all.

My basic idea going into the exam was this: If I pass, great. If I don't, then at least I've had the experience and I'll get the prep materials before I try again. Now I'm just going to put it out of my mind for the next four weeks until the scores come out.

That shouldn't be too hard.


Maggie May said…
Great news! I'll try to keep my fingers crossed...for most of that time, anyway ;)
Kate P said…
Thanks, MM. Yes, exactly how are you typing with your fingers crossed? ;)

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