Kate P's Mom Explains '70s Music

Me: Sometime over the summer, I found Season One of The Muppet Show on DVD really cheap. I just started watching it this week and it's even funnier than I remembered. I didn't realize it started airing in '76, so I guess I saw it in syndication. I don't recognize some of the guest stars at all, though.

Mom: Like who?

Me: Well, Charles Aznavour, for one.

Mom: O.K., yeah, I can understand that.

Me: I mean, I know Florence Henderson. . . Man, she has a beautiful voice and everything, but between the weird caftan-tie-dye outfit and the song--totally '70s.

Mom: What was the song?

Me: Something about "the elusive butterfly"--"Do not worry, it will not harm you"? "If you see me on the horizon, I'm going after the elusive butterfly of love"?

Mom: Oh yeah, all the songs were about drugs back then.

(Note: According to this it was really from the '60s. But, lest I misinform or anger any readers, this was a casual conversation over bacon, eggs, and coffee. Mom's pronouncement was still hilarious.)


Mr. Bingley said…
I loved that show!

And I didn't see it in syndication...
Annie Coe said…
Your mom is funny :-). Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...
Dave E. said…
Bingley, you old fart...oh, wait.

All the songs were about drugs back then. Then came disco and we actually did turn to drugs to cope with that. Ironic.
(just kidding...well, sort of. Hey, it was a long time ago)
Kate P said…
Bingley--Does it feel any better to know you get way more of the jokes than I do? A little? My entire family loves (and quotes from) the Muppets!

Annie--I never know what my mom's going to say. And you're welcome! I have to add you to my links on the side. More people should see your art.

Dave--LOL! One of my earliest memories is my brother putting the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack LP on his little plastic record player. That explains a lot about how we turned out. . .

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