Celebrating My 200th Post

The previous post was Number 200. Yippee!!! Some lovely readers have been waiting for this to come around again--it's Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything time again. Same rules apply. Here's how the last one went. (How much fun was that?) I would like to have at least five to do a Friday Five post of responses (barring any natural disasters) next Friday (11/14), and most likely if I get more than five good ones I'll answer every one.

Go on. You know you're dying to ask a fabulously crazy person like me something.


Lizzie said…
Ok - Ms. Librarian? What book would you recommend to someone who has very little time to read, and also will go days and days before continuing where I left off?

OR - What's your absolutely favorite childhood memory - one that makes you laugh of makes you feel warm and fuzzy?
Anonymous said…
OK....as having nearly survived grad school any advice for someone who is nearly starting grad school (although a completely different program :-) (Which reminds me I was going to email you...)
Or what is your favorite post finals week indulgence?

(do I sound like Im in the throws of senioritis and nearing burn out? heh)
Kate P said…
I'm very excited to see questions starting to come in!

(Yes, A.C.22, feel free to e-mail me!)
Ashley said…
Any favorite TV shows currently?

Favorite movie?

How were you introduced to blogging?
Dave E. said…
Any "guilty pleasures" when it comes to music or movies that you would care to share?

I kind of go back and forth when it comes to cooking. Sometimes it's fun(now) and sometimes it's a tedious but necessary chore. What's your take on cooking and do you have a favorite meal(s) you like to prepare?

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