Maybe the Wet Snow Is an Indication

Hell's not exactly freezing over, but the a.m. Kindergarten class liked me today. They're usually pretty tough customers. (Or just sleepy?) Some of them even remembered what I'd taught them about nonfiction the week before! I read them this Thanksgiving story (it's probably one of the cleverer takes on let's-save-the-turkeys-from-being-eaten). They laughed. They noticed the verses rhymed. They even came up with suggestions as to what the characters did eat for dinner if they weren't having turkey. Both classes were really on the ball today, and they got bookmarks as rewards. Nothing like happy students to make me feel better after a long night of bad news e-mails and feeling bad I couldn't make it to the funeral for a former co-worker's mom.

After school, I went for my interview at the bookstore. I think I made a good impression. When the one manager who was interviewing me sat down with me, she said the employees I was talking with while I waited told her I was nice. Yippee.

Tomorrow's Friday, and I will have completed TEN WEEKS of student teaching. Hard to believe, but life actually is going forward.

That probably means I should get going on that budget analysis paper.


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