The Friday Five: Tiny Highlights of the Week

A lot of stuff had my head spinning this past week. Had a near-miss in a shopping center parking lot last night, realized I'd rather work my "li-bary skilz" in a high school, and yeah, there was all that election buzz. So, TGIF and all that--here are five things that while seemingly small were things that made me happy this week:

1. It's November 7 and I have yet to put the heat on in the apartment. In fact, right now it's about 75 degrees in here and I have the office (dining room) window open with a small fan sitting on the sill to bring in some cooler air. No heat necessary means no heating charges, a good thing when one is an unemployed grad student.

2. I found an issue of Spin (which I used to read frequently in college) that I'd set aside to finish, and came across an article on a band I didn't know when I'd first bought the magazine in August but is now all over the radio--Airborne Toxic Event. In fact, I heard "Sometime Around Midnight" this morning during my drive to school. Good interview with music here.

3. While I'm on the subject of found music, I finally found the tape case and liner notes to a mix tape my late friend J. made for me years ago--1994, I'm pretty sure, because a number of the songs are from this CD. I loved that tape but lost it, and earlier in the week was trying to re-create the list of songs from memory. The ink is very faded, but I think I can make everything out. It's probably the only mix to have Sandy Denny followed by Bryan Ferry. J. had a knack for creating very eclectic mix tapes that actually worked. I can't wait to track down these songs.

4. I found Silk Pumpkin Spice soymilk. Search results showed mixed reviews, but I like it. I think it might make a nice light pie filling, too, if I can modify the old Silk chocolate pudding recipe I have (that they have since changed for some unknown reason).

5. Naps. I am convinced that taking a nap just about every afternoon after school saved my sanity, such as it is. In college it baffled me how easily everyone else fell into bed and napped after being up all night cramming for exams or horsing around, but I couldn't. Maybe I just needed a long commute and some ornery kindergarteners to wear me out.

The nice thing about conking out for a few minutes is that now I'm alert to watch "The Soup." Have a good weekend!

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Dave E. said…
Wow, Brian Ferry. Are you talking about his solo stuff or Roxy Music?
Kate P said…
Solo--I think there's so much Bryan Ferry on this tape b/c the title track of his 1994 "Mamouna" album was on the other CD sampler J. had, and she like it so much she wound up buying the whole thing.

She did put Roxy Music on another tape she made for me--Pyjamarama, Love Is the Drug, etc. Why so many tapes? In '94, I was in a rural college down South, out of the range of any good radio stations. She was worried I'd go crazy.
Kate P said…
Uh, that should be "liked" in the first sentence. My brain's shutting down for the night.
Ashley said…
I'm obsessed with Silk Nog.

Dave E. said…
I have all of the Roxy Music albums, yes albums, on vinyl. Plus one Ferry solo album, "In Your Mind", and a couple of Phil Manzanera albums(He was the guitarist for RM). I loved that group as I was growing up, but to say I was in the minority would be an understatement.
Kate P said…
Ashley--I don't think I've seen Silk Nog at the store yet! But I'd rather have that after Thanksgiving. . . with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. :)

Dave--Ohhhhh, J. LOVED vinyl. Most of hers were Depeche Mode, though.

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