I Was Voter Number 1112.

That was at about 3:45 p.m. I voted in this ward when I lived in the community a few years ago, and the memory of how crazy it was in the morning was enough to decide I'd go on my way home from school.

That's right, I had school today.

The students didn't, but there were in-service meetings (why I had to attend, I don't know--didn't see any other student teachers there!), and hey, whaddya know--voters. It was Let's Tell the Student Teacher-Librarian She Has to Come in a Half Hour Earlier but Let's Not Tell Her School Is a Polling Place and Parking Will Suck Day. Whoops!

Most of the in-service didn't really involve me, but I did help the fifth grade teachers plan a research unit, which made them happy. At lunch, I met the other librarians in the district who came for a meeting with Ms. K. They were very nice but it was a little uncomfortable how much they kept peppering me with questions about my time with the Famous Dr. Red. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's innocent curiosity, but Dr. Red's the first person to tell you she's just a normal person and she doesn't "get" all the awe people heap on her. I have to say, though, it was nice to hear other librarians commiserate about how some people can really look down on the profession and think we don't need education and skills to do the job. I'm sure readers here know we don't "shush people" and stamp cards all day. I printed off a copy of the list of all the courses for my program to show the one librarian who asked me about school, and her face just lit up when she saw it. After lunch, the librarians got into their meeting and I did schoolwork , then watched the clock inch its way to 3 p.m.

Voting was pretty uneventful, unless you count the harrowing drive in and out. There oughta be a rule that a polling place have a separate entrance and exit, or at least a driveway that can allow traffic in both directions at the same time. Thought I might lose another bumper this year. Sheesh.

The only real wait I had (outside of my car) was pretty short. They divide us up in four sections by last name, and apparently a group of us in the same surname section came to vote at the same time. Then the jovial old lady recording the voters (and giving me #1112) told me and the weary check-in dude that she had a friend in Florida with the same last name as mine, and that she was giving me the first initial "C."

"It's a 'K,'" I corrected her with a smile.

I don't know if it's legal, but the person who collected my "voter ready" ticket was. . . an eleven year old girl. I guess it's never too early to get kids interested in the process.

Of course, they sprang a question on us, which never fails to exasperate me. At least it was only one. Anything beyond two is kinda annoying.

Well, I pushed all the little buttons I wanted, and then the big "record vote" button, and I was done. Avoided getting flattened in the parking lot, and then headed over the post office to mail a bill payment and buy stamps.

No lines over there for once.


Amy Giglio said…
We had 2 ballot questions. They were completely unintelligible. I voted no on both. If they want me to vote on a question, they ought to put it in language I have a prayer of understanding.
Kate P said…
Ugh, I haaaaate the questions that are a mile long. Quit beating around the bush, already.

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