Eighties Sing-Along

When I drive to school in the morning, I have the radio on. I don't listen to a morning show, usually, because I'd rather have music, but every once in a while I put on a rock station's local morning show. The two main personalities are ones I've known since my days as a college undergrad, although they were individual deejays then. They can be a bit crude at times, especially with their contests that involve things like MILFs--but they do a lot of charity work, in particular a major food drive every year--and sometimes they really hit one out of the park on the show.

Yesterday morning was one of those really funny moments. The one "sidekick" was inspired by all the '80s movie soundtrack songs on his iPod, and created a contest: Guess the '80s movie by the song from the credits. They'd play about 30 seconds and then ask the callers on hold to guess. I'm not as well-versed as their listeners--totally missed the "Oh Yeah" song from Ferris Bueller's Day Off*--but I did guess the one from The Karate Kid. (Finally saw that a few years ago.)

What had me practically in tears from laughter was when they started the theme from Mannequin, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now." They just let it run. . . and it sounded as if everybody in the studio started singing along. And imitating Grace Slick!

All this crazy singing was going on as I was parking the car at school, so I just put the brake on and dabbed my eyes while people had trouble guessing it. I dunno, it just struck me as hilarious. Seriously, I think it's one the biggest staples of every easy listening station in the country. It was played to death when it came out, and it's still all over the place today. Furthering the irony was that the movie had been filmed in Philly. After several tries some caller got it right, from pure dumb luck--so I was laughing even harder. I was parked on a side street for the school, so I was actually in front of someone's house, having a laugh attack. Eventually I did pull myself together and went in to school. Considering the whole climate control issue in the library the rest of the day, it was probably good that I started the day laughing.

Yet, just when I thought I'd gotten the '80s music out of my system, there goes Tracey.

*I know it's a cult favorite, but I just don't get it. Is there something wrong with me?


Amy Giglio said…
This morning when I was on my in to work, Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers came on and I was forced to dig down to my toes and channel my inner Gregg Allman and belt that song out. It was good. And I finished it when I was sitting in the church parking lot. I am so glad no one was around. I would have gotten some pretty funny looks. It's a great song to belt out after a frustrating day in a sweltering library. I hope they play it for you after school. :)
Kate P said…
I am convinced stuff like that is good for the soul. Even if I couldn't name an Allman Brothers song if I tried. :)
Lindsay said…
MILFs? What is that? Er, are those?
Kate P said…
Oh, gosh, Lindsay, I'm almost afraid to send you over to the slang dictionary. . . let's just say it's an acronym making reference to very attractive women who are moms, and leave it at that. Some men are still pigs, unfortunately.

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