Last Call. . .

. . . for questions--you have until midnight (Eastern) Thursday. I'm not up to five for my Friday post, so help a gal out here. Don't be shy.

As a side note, I spent the day in an 85-degree (and rising) library. It had been historically on the very cool side until the heating person came by yesterday, so, uh, I guess I have somebody to thank for making it extra difficult to teach squirmy first graders this morning. At least they were with-it enough to pipe up and ask for a trip to the water fountain or permission to take off their sweatshirts so they could sit there in their tees. In November. Poor kids. I was feeling it, too, and trying really hard to be patient. What really sucked was that today was early dismissal for the students, for parent conferences, so after lunch I was wandering around a sweltering library attempting to weed a few shelves and do some advance prep for classes--stuff I didn't need to do right then. Can't wait to see what the temp is tomorrow morning.

In other news, I called to check on the status of the application I dropped off at the local bookstore. The person I spoke gave me the impression they might be able to use my skills with kiddie lit, so to speak. When I got home from school, there was a message asking me to call back to schedule an interview. Being able to afford Christmas gifts would be very nice. Exciting prospect there.


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