Friday Fare

I was eating my dinner of fake-cheese pizza (sounds bad but pretty much tasted like how I remember frozen pizza) and broccoli stir-fried with garlic tonight when I realized I didn't do the so-called "Obligatory Ash Wednesday post." Not that I did one last year--I checked.

I didn't make it to Mass (no obligation, anyway) thanks to my work schedule, but I did notice people with ashes in the library. I'm trying to give up negativity--stop myself before that's the first thing out of my mouth. Other than that, I'm being open to the small sacrifices that are asked of me, every day. It's Lent, and they do come along.

This was a really good, and really humorous, Ash Wednesday post, and not just for people who know what it's all about.


blog nerd said…
Hey kate--thanks for reading over at my blog and for commenting so thoughtfully.

and one more thing I forgot to post in answer to your comment over at the blog:

start saving all your writing documents twice--once to your hard drive and once to or google docs.

you will be thankful, later.

(PS you will still lose writing, however. God conspires to make you lose writing so you can resurrect it in better form. It's His way. That God. He's a loveable minx.)
Kate P said…
Hey, Jen, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the suggestion, but I don't have an internet connection for the iMac, so floppy disk is the backup, for now.

Funny you should say that about losing writing. . . last time I experienced a major loss (series of losses) in my life, a friend said God was stripping away the old to give me something new. Interesting resonance there.

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