Just Another Crazy Day at the Crazy Library

(1) My paycheck was in my office mailbox--I have to remember I have one of those--check was probably sitting there all weekend. One week there is twice as much as a week at the bookstore. Yay.

(2) Walked in to FOUR IDENTICAL chairs from IKEA that weren't the ones I picked out. Surprise! Children's librarian: "We [I think this means she and her husband and/or the reference librarian whose car they might've been using to transport them] decided the red and white floral print was too 'girly.'"

She hadn't put the slipcovers (denim blue--ugh) because she wanted to give me the option to change them. Wasn't that generous? There aren't any more attractive covers for that style, and I didn't want a bunch of white chairs sitting out for people to mess up, so we put the slipcovers on.

I decided it wasn't worth arguing about, and I'm just going to pretend I like them. Whatever.

But I am SO not surprised she changed everything on me.

Finished the slipcovers just in time to cover the circ desk. A mom and her high school age daughter came in looking for research info, so I helped them find their info and then introduced myself--they were very nice, grateful for the help, and sounded interested in the changes to the YA section.

If the rest of the kids are that nice, that will make up for all the B.S. I have to put up with. I hope.


Lindsay said…
Well...I can see the floral part, maybe, but red and white? How are red and white inherently feminine? I do not understand...
Dave E. said…
No direct deposit either? I'm not one to complain about getting a check, but I sure do miss direct deposit.

Hang in there while you work through all of the, er, personality quirks of your coworkers.
Amy Giglio said…
I hope you get a school job soon. This librarian sounds like a nut case.
Kate P said…
Lindsay--I know, it was only TWO of the chairs, and it was a really abstract, modern print. The other two would've been very dark gray. Whatever.

Dave--yeah, nobody mentioned direct deposit or gave me a form. I have to see if I can get that set up. This is a really small town but still that's a lot of live checks. And thanks. :)

Amy--Oh, it got nuttier already. So $40 and some paperwork and I'll have my teaching certification soon. I'm on it.

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