Please Excuse My Bullets

. . . but I am super-tired and it's the only way this post will have some semblance of organization.

  • Today was a bookstore workday (as opposed to a library workday). In at 10, had a brief power outage around noon--really high winds messing with everything. Lunch wasn't until 2, at which time the manager who does the scheduling gives me one of those slightly sad looks and opens with, "Um, we're really tight with hours right now, and in fact I was having a hard time giving everyone hours. . ." Quickly I wonder if I'm being let go but figure he would've had me sit down in the managers' office instead of both of us standing in the middle of the break room. He quickly added they were keeping me on, but it might be just for one day a week for the next few weeks. Guess it's a good thing I have another job.

  • Worried all afternoon that my patio chairs might be blown off the patio, but came home to find their in their usual spot, surprisingly, and not smashed into someone's car, thankfully.

  • Tomorrow the children's librarian and I are going on a shopping expedition for furniture for the new YA ("teen") section. Not sure if what I have in mind for four chairs and a table will be within budget, but we'll see. When we get back, I'll be trained on the front desk stuff and how to use the circulation system (yay!).

  • After work, one of my new co-workers, my mom's friend who basically tipped me off to the position, is taking me to dinner. Can't wait to hear some of the inside track, because right now it's really confusing--who can tell me to do what, the real protocol in the office, who doesn't get along with whom--you know, the really important stuff. Obviously I'm still going to watch what I say, but it would be nice to get a clearer idea of what goes on there.

  • Got a valentine today. . . from Mom & Dad. I don't know what the scratch-off lottery tix are like in your states, but here in PA the special holiday $2 ones are bound to be losers. Oh well, at least I got a cute kitten card out of the deal.


Amy Giglio said…
you should get an ottoman and bean bag chairs. Or an ottoman and poang chairs. The poangs are super comfy. The people who work there might actually be helpful about picking out stuff and staying on budget.
Kate P said…
The children's librarian was totally in love with the Poang chair! I just couldn't find a color combination I liked. . . and they seemed to scream "IKEA." Not convinced they or bean bag chairs would hold up well. Also, trying to discourage, um, weird cuddling situations or anything.

But I think we found a style of armchair that is comfy and will work. Hoping to get two each of red and black.

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