I.O.U. the Friday Five

It's coming, but maybe not until tomorrow. My bum shoulder, in spite of having been adjusted Wednesday, is making a slow recovery (and I'm wondering if I'll be making another trip over the bridge next week to see the dr. again), so I've been minimzing my time on the computer. I have to work both jobs back-to-back today--and in fact, I have to get myself ready to go pretty soon.

Library will be weeding the non-paperback fiction, maybe having by own computer to use (I hope), and more talk of new furniture--can not wait to get that settled.

Bookstore will be working till close in the children's department--I switched with one of the regulars so I didn't have to work yesterday.

Which gave me time to go get this. In spite of how scarily crowded the store was. Can't wait to try it out.


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