Monday Catch-Up

Well, the weekend was a bit crazy and included conversations like this:

Mom: I caught [the youngest yet largest family cat] trying to climb the doorway of the powder room.*

Me: You can take the cat out of the alley, but you can't take the alley out of the cat.

I did get to see my sister (Saturday we shopped, then rented a movie. . . the description on the box lied--the extreme gore/violence canceled out the promised "hilarity") and to play with the younger three-quarters of my brother's family, including Youngest Nephew, who doesn't quite know who I am, but thinks I look enough like his dad to be cool, for Sunday brunch.

I'm still a bit stressed out over the new job, and I caught a bit of a sore throat from the family to boot. Tomorrow I get to see if "Operation Panicked Furniture Grab" happened on Saturday, and I have an hour to deal with that and whatever else is going on in the new YA area before I have to cover the circulation desk.

It's not that I'm not grateful to have the job and be getting library experience, lest there be any confusion about that. It's just the push to get the new section set up and the piecemeal instruction on their protocol--not to mention the serious "office politics" vibe I'm getting (bunch of women, surprise surprise)--that's making things unnecessarily rougher than they need to be right now.

I could use a little fun outside of work to distract me, you know?

UPDATE (forgot to add): (1) I picked up my degree from the frame shop today (yes, I got goosed by the office doggie again) and it is beautiful. Can't wait to hang it up in my "home office."
(2) Bought a new cell phone this afternoon--goodbye, flip phone of the last two years. Now I just have to figure out all the necessary functions on the new phone (take a number, iPod) and decide on the new ringtone. I guess that's sorta fun.

*When I used to live with my parents, my cat would bounce off the walls. . . she set the powder-room-doorway-climbing precedent, apparently. Although I'd argue that the location (back end of the house, so they get a running start) is just too irresistible for them!


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