The Friday Five: Current Faves

I'm counteracting the annoyance I feel with myself for forgetting my cell phone at home this afternoon, thereby missing the call from the library (yes, I think they're going to offer me the job), by talking about things that make me happy--five of them:

1. This new CD arrived today (one of the rare times I took advantage of my employee discount). I've been listening to it at work for, oh, the past month (and that would be a couple times during my shift), and I still love it. I recognized the lead singer right away, because I listened to their debut CD constantly at my desk at my old job (mostly to block out interoffice yammering). The new CD has a more pop-y feel, not to mention an electric guitar this time--the debut CD had only bass (I called them "Coldplay without guitar"). Both are good listening.

2. Obviously, I'm not buying much in the way of "luxury items" lately, but I did have a coupon for this kind of lip color, and I loved the first one (Strawberry Fields!) I got on a recommendation in a magazine, so I got a new color (Mango Tango!). I don't really wear lipstick--I'm more a gloss person, and prefer at least semi-sheer--so these are great. They also taste good, which is important to me. There are certain brands I do not buy because the taste is just. . . well, in the words of my cousin's Irish wife, vomit.

3. love having easy to use photo editing that isn't sitting on my already overburdened laptop. As Ashley says in today's post, "I think the editing process of photos can make a meh photo look much, much better." I didn't know what I was missing until my mentor teacher at the high school directed me to this site.

4. My graduation announcements. They look pretty good (after I edited the photo using #3). Not the best picture I've ever taken (and it turns out I'd started having a bad reaction to ibuprofen the morning of the photo--but fortunately I didn't get all red until later), but pretty good. They were done through here. Not looking forward to all the addressing and postage-affixing, but I did want to acknowledge how hard I've been working these past couple years.

5. Coffee. Because the weather is cold, and coffee is warm. It is also hilarious when you're drinking it out of this mug. (This is my warped sense of humor showing, I'm sure.) The mug I have is actually the one with the "white trash background," but the link isn't working for me.

Have a nice, warm, happy weekend!


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