The Friday Five: Hopefully Not Too Obscure

My old cell (excuse me, wireless) phone was on its last legs, and I have a plan that gives me money towards a new one, so I picked out a new one this week. They can transfer over everything from the old phone to the new one, except your ringtones. And the ones that come with the phone are always super annoying.

I was up a little too late trying to figure out what my new one should be. Still miss my old one, which was the bridge from Modest Mouse's song "Dashboard," but it wasn't available and really I should try something new.

The hard part for me isn't picking out a song. It's finding an instrumental one, because a phone shouldn't sing at me. It has to sound somewhat serious/mature enough in case it rings in front of, I don't know, people I don't know very well. I mean, I remember to silence it at church or work and during interviews, but as much as I like the song I don't need "Roxanne" blasting out of my coat when I'm grocery shopping.

I like my ringtone to be a little alluring and mysterious. . . a little cool. So the five ringtone choices I'd considered were. . .

1. "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Intro)" by Vampire Weekend.

2. "Blue Monday (bridge)" by New Order.

3. "Kids (instrumental)" by MGMT.

4. "Polynomial C" by Aphex Twin. Actually any of the choices, because they were ambient and had pretty much no vocals.

5. "London Rain" by Heather Nova. Not instrumental, but soft enough.

Any guesses as to what I picked? What's yours?


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