Fun with Photos

Because (1) my shoulder hurts, (2) not much going on around here, other than massive paperback weeding and mass confusion as to when I'm working at the library, and (3) you guys have been kinda quiet lately, I thought I'd post some pictures for your amusement.

My attempt to make a cosmopolitan succeeded.

My attempt to make this "cheesecake" failed--outside overcooked, inside never set. Maybe I should've used a different pan; mine was bigger than what she used. Tasted O.K., though.
The caramel sauce was worse. It was salty and most likely did not need the cornstarch called for in the recipe. So I decorated with TJ's cat cookies (for humans!) and called it the "Crazy Cat Lady Dessert" in honor of being solo for St. Valentine's Day. (And hey, how did I chip that plate?)

In case that's not legible, it's a 199/200. Stupid chocolate bar sale word problem.
That teaching certification should come through without a problem.
(Have I mentioned I love Picnik?)


Lindsay said…
Mmmm, cosmo! What really matters is that you got THAT right. ;) I applaud you for attempting a cheesecake, though. I am so undomestic it hurts.
Dave E. said…
I'll second Lindsay on the cosmo, though that's not my normal drink. I can bake a pie or cake if I have to, to please others, but I usually just don't do desserts. Yeah, I know that's a major character flaw.
Cullen said…
Don't really do anything outside beer and wine (and seldom those) but I did go to bartending classes in my early 20s. That's a fine looking cosmo.

As for cheesecake, I prefer mine traditional. In that regard, a springform pan is the most essential element. The Food Network test kitchens did a thing on this and found that placing the springform pan in a warm bath in the oven procuded the best results. I've yet to do this, but seems like a great idea for even heat distribution.
Mr. Bingley said…
Everything looks tasty.

I have to figure out a way to have a Manhattan or three for lunch...
Kate P said…
Lindsay--thanks! Baby steps towards domesticity is all I can say.

Dave--you know what, there are so many good bakeries in supermarkets these days that you don't have to be good at making dessert. You probably cook fish better than a lot of people.

Cullen--thanks for the compliment; that lime was on its last legs! I was wondering how much cheesecake technique would be required when there's no cheese involved, but maybe the springform would've worked better.

Bingley--a Manhattan is definitely the "manly" complement to the cosmo. :)

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