The Friday Five: Lovey-Dovey Edition

A few hours on the cash register yesterday made me a bit cynical about the so-called holiday tomorrow, mostly because I rang up weird stuff like this and this. . . oh, and this (which I think may not be holiday-related). A blind dude bought that last one and I'm still scratching my head.

Anyway, Happy Villain did a great love- I mean, "wuv" post, and I felt a bit inspired to do one of five things I love this week:

1. I love that Jen is blogging again. She's a smartie and has a wicked sense of humor.

2. I love that I got to go here (strong language alert) to blow off some steam about something annoying me to death this week.

3. I love that a co-worker took me out to dinner tonight (yum) to celebrate my new job. And that she validated my overall impression of our workplace and its current culture.

4. I love this site for helping a friend of my aunt adopt a dog, a senior one who needed a lot of loving care. They are so happy together.

5. I love that I'm pretty much O.K. with my plans for working on my writing, chinese food, and cocktails tomorrow night.

Hope you have the kind of weekend you love.


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