Anticipation and Imagination

I am 99% certain I won this week's (just for entertainment and conversation, especially with single guys) football pool. Co-won, I should say. Can't believe someone else with the same amount of wins picked the Dolphins like me and exactly the same points.

Because the pool administrator is a nurse who started a shift at 8 p.m. last night, and I am not sure that it was just one shift, I'm kinda sitting here in splitting-the-prize limbo.

Wondering what I can do with about $75.

I think I owe my dad a little something, as he was the one who convinced me to go back and change one of my picks to the Cowgirls. (That's right, I said Cowgirls. I'm sorry to offend some of my readers who like that team, but it goes with the territory around here. I almost got in trouble with my friends for cheering said team on in the sports bar on Sunday.)

$75 doesn't seem to go as far as I'd like it to. No trip to Barcelona. Might get me to D.C., but the Metro would be extra.

No fancy dinner out. Unless I ate alone.

No new stereo (which is probably what I would've bought had I won the entire prize). But that is a heckuva lotta songs from iTunes.

All I know is, it's "found money" and I intend to treat it as such.

Any and all ideas for $75 of found money entertained in the combox.


Amy Giglio said…
manicure or a massage!!!
Cullen said…
Books? DVDs?
Mr. Bingley said…
Upgraded catnip!
Kate P said…
Thanks for the ideas, guys! (And Cullen, I did buy a book already this week--as if there aren't enough around for me to read. Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters!)

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