The Friday Five: Focusing on the Happy

It has been a really long week--one that definitely tried my patience and attempted to make me question everything on a few occasions. But you know what? That kind of thing is exactly the signal to put on the brakes (and I don't mean the ones I shelled out almost 200 bucks for last week's car maintenance) and think about some good things. So here are five things that are making me happy this week:

1. Naps. And, man, have I needed them badly.

2. Little side opportunities to make some spending money. ('Cuz basically the first paycheck of the month goes to rent and utilities, and the other goes to the rest of the bills.) There was the football pool last week, and tomorrow I'm proctoring an exam (free coffee and breakfast! most importantly free coffee!!!), and next week I'm singing for a wedding.

3. An invitation to dinner at a little Italian eatery with my cousin (aunt of the bride) for her birthday, courtesy of my parents. We got extra dish on the wedding, and I also got to talk shoes. (Stop me before I shop again!) On top of that, we had the same waitress we had at my dad's birthday, and she was her usual hilarious chatty self. She likes to tease my dad about his indecisiveness.

4. A lovely note from a blogfriend and his family. Signed by everybody--what a thrill to read!

5. Season One of Chuck. I have no idea what made me pick up the first disc at the video store, but sooooo enjoyable. Probably because it was created/produced by the same people who did The O.C. (which I loved until they went one season too long and silly). It was just in a bad time slot so I never watched it on TV. The Halloween episode is a parody of the New Year's Eve episode from The O.C.--same music, race against the clock, and everything--but instead of a romantic reunion between the main couple, it's Chuck and his best (guy) friend. And something about a costume related to Dune. Hilarious.

Heading to bed so I can get up on time for my free coffee!!! Have a great weekend! And it's my birthday this weekend, so I'm going to try to as well!

UPDATE 10/17/2009: I forgot to mention--I got carded at Happy Hour last night!!! Happy birthday to meeeeee!!!!!


ccr in MA said…
Happy birthday! Have a great weekend!
Kate P said…
Thanks, ccr! :)
Dave E. said…
Happy birthday, Kate.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Cullen said…
Glad the card made it to you! Sorry it took so long to get it in the mail. Hope your weekend went well.
Mr. Bingley said…
Happy Birthday!
Amy Giglio said…
happy B Day Kate!
Kate P said…
Thank you, thank you, one and all. :)

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