Bride of the Friday Five

Well, here it is, Friday. . . and the eve of my cousin's wedding. I am looking forward to letting my hair down and having some fun with my family. (Before that, however, I've got a primping routine to get through--right now I have trial makeup on and my hair pinned back in anticipation of washing all the makeup off and applying a beauty mask.)

The last wedding I went to was about this time last year, but I wasn't invited to the reception. So I'm pretty sure the last wedding + reception I attended was my brother's, three years ago. Three years without a wedding? Heinous! I've been to two funerals in the last year and a half alone.

In any event, having been up since about five this morning and now starting to feel the one glass of wine I've permitted myself kick in, I'll get this post underway so I can go wash my face.

This wedding is actually one that most of my immediate family is looking forward to and dreading simultaneously. I think everyone can relate to at least one of five enjoyable/dreadable aspects of weddings:

1. Dancing. Even though I am a bit shy and introverted, I like to dance, so I am hoping that they will play some good music at the reception. Music that doesn't necessarily require a dance partner. But I'd be perfectly all right with skipping the "Electric Slide."

2. Getting dressed up. Yes, I like getting dressed up. But after awhile, the stockings get irritating, and the shoes uncomfortable, and generally I'm ready for my PJ's.

3. Seeing family. Most of them, I love. The one relative that told me I looked so much more like my sister since I'd lost weight, not so much.

4. Getting away from it all for a day. I need the break--to celebrate something good--but the chores I didn't get to say otherwise.

5. Wedding cake. Yes, it's pretty. (Well, um, if it's posted here it's not pretty.) Yes, the sugar aroma wafting across the room is nice. But why does it never taste as good as it looks? (Furthermore, in my case, why is it never milk free?) And aren't you usually sorry you ate it afterwards?

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Lizzie said…
I just spent WAY TOO LONG looking at all the photos of the horrible wedding cakes. And calling Adam over to see the more heinous ones. I never knew such a blog existed, but thank goodness it does.
Maggie May said…
I love wedding cake. I don't know why...but I do. I must be a freak...and I am sad to say this does not surprise me ;)
Cullen said…
I just love cake. And ice cream. Ice cream primarily, but the two together. Fuggedaboutit.
Kate P said…
Lizzie--I forget who introduced me to the Cake Wrecks blog, but it is awesome. So many cakes, so many disasters.

MM--nothing wrong with that. You probably have had some good ones! I've seen far too much fondant--blecch.

Cullen--yeah, cake and ice cream! You might like this: at the wedding reception, they served us lemon sorbet in between the soup and entree. YUM.

And I can't wait to talk about the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN in a wedding recap post. :)

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