A Little Bit of Filler

Because I wanted to get a post in before bedtime, but the poll (at right) is not closed yet, a quick update. . .

Birthday good! Full of chicken cacciatore and a
new TV* from my parents (OMG!!!1!1!!!!111!!!!)

. . . and sharing something pretty funny I saw last night (inappropriate office behavior, in line with the poll):

*Full disclosure: My parents cut a deal with the electronics store when they bought one for themselves as well. Which is why I spent part of my birthday helping them assemble a new TV stand. Not to mention acting as the buffer to prevent divorce.


Dave E. said…
"Not to mention acting as the buffer to prevent divorce."

Haha. I'll bet that the phrase "some assembly required" has led to more marital stress than anything but alcohol.
Kate P said…
Yeah--my dad is not exactly handy around the house. Gifted in the arts, yes. Good at fixing and/or assembling things, no.

And Mom just gets too eager and nearly destroys things as she skips a step or two.

Volatile combination.

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