Entertaining Advice

I've heard that it's always good to have a quick appetizer recipe filed away in your mind for when unexpected guests show up. But who knew being a cat owner would give one that extra edge?

Via my mom, who got it from one of the many blogs she reads, I'm sure.


Dave E. said…
Well that left me a bit queasy. I think I'll stick to nuked Triscuits or Tostitos and cheese.

wv: paphout

I don't think I would paphout if someone told me they had served me cat food, but I'm not certain.
Lizzie said…
Guh-ross. Don't do it, Kate. Even if your larder is empty.

(HAH! wv is awesome today, evidently! Mine is pulbowl.)
Hm. My cats eat Fancy Beast too, and the stinkier the better. I've been tempted to taste it myself to see what the big deal is, but I'm afraid I'd like it.
Kate P said…
Dave--see, I'm at a disadvantage b/c there's no cheese in the house. Dairy allergy. Might make me paphout.

Lizzie--I'll take your advice: it's better to pulbowl than eat cat food. No matter how much brandy they put in it.

Laura--ohhhh yeah; what is it with cats and stinky food? I have had occasion to buy some bottom-shelf tuna cat food called "Figaro" that was so stinky but always made The Cat come around after some sort of eating protest. So weird. It must be roadkill or something.

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