The Friday Five: Brush after Reading

While I did not find my orange shirt to wear with my black cardigan today for (school) Halloween, I did find my pumpkin earrings. (Which one of the art teachers noticed and appreciated.) Some of the students dressed up--a lot of really creative stuff. Santa Claus did make an appearance (it probably was a Jewish student!).

One girl wore an Elizabethan dress that her mom had made for her. Just because she really loves the Elizabethan period. It was beautiful--all greens and golds, and structured the way an Elizabethan dress is. I am kicking myself for not having run to the A/V room for a camera, but hopefully another teacher snapped a picture of it.

Of course, much candy today in school. Not that I was eating any, but I certainly did see plenty consumed by many a student in the library. (They're not supposed to eat in the library, but this is one day we have to let it slide. Although it ticks me off when they leave wrappers lying everywhere. I can't tell if they're enviromentally-conscious hypocrites or lazy kids, or both.)

Anyway, since there will be an abundance of it everywhere you turn this weekend, let's talk about CANDY! I'm not exactly a major fan of sweets, and you'll probably be able to tell that the longer you read, but here are my five favorite kinds of candy:

1. Bottlecaps. I have loved these from childhood. Cola and orange flavors especially.

2. Peanut chews. The regular ones don't contain milk, and they remind me of good old times when they used to be "Goldenberg's," and of my late great-aunt who loved to eat them.

3. Zagnut. Well, I'm not sure I've ever eaten one. I just think the name's hilarious. (But peanut butter & coconut? People probably either love it or hate it!)

4. Sunspire Bittersweet Chocolate Chips. I know, not exactly candy, but they make great homemade dairy-free hot cocoa. A handful of those, some vanilla almond milk and soy creamer, a bit of cocoa, a dab of brown rice syrup. Sounds bizarre, but YUM.

5. Candy canes. Oh, come on--you've been seeing Christmas decorations since October 1. How could I not include them? I will NEVER turn down a candy cane. Unless it's crushed. And even then, I might use crushed ones to make peppermint fudge.

Wishing you a sweet weekend!


ccr in MA said…
It's easy for me to believe you're not that into sweets, if one of your top 5 is something you haven't eaten! Don't worry, I have a big enough sweet tooth for both of us.

I love: milk chocolate with caramel, like the Ghiradelli squares. Dark chocolate with mint, like Marblehead Mints from Harbor Sweets. Heath Bars.

I rarely turn down chocolate, really!
Dave E. said…
I'm not big on sweets either. I generally don't buy candy except to hand out on Halloween, the exception being I take Snickers bars and/or Skittles with me when I'm out in the woods. Ooh, and Starbursts are good that way too. Most of the time though, I'll go months without eating any candy.
Kate P said…
CCR--Chocolate is definitely good for the soul. :) You probably like Junior Mints, too--one of my mom's faves.

Dave--you should submit your use of Snickers for their "Not Going Anywhere for a While?" ad campaign. I like Skittles and Starbursts, too. The originals, not the weird themed flavor ones.

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