The Friday Five: In Stereo

In my stereo, that is. I don't think I've talked about music in a while, and I want to. I had dinner with a former co-worker from the library (sounds like the usual fun there; she had kind words about what I had done for the teens during my stint) and really enjoyed the ambient music in the restaurant--good selections. Things I hadn't heard recently. Phantom Limb by The Shins, for one, and another I couldn't put my finger on, but was really thrilled to hear above the din of diners.

A similar thing happened yesterday morning while I was on my way to school. I had the somewhat alternative rock station on and DCFC's Where Soul Meets Body came on--great sound and melody, if somewhat nihilistic sentiments (but then again, that's the essence of the band). It was delightful to crank the radio and sing along at 70 m.p.h. at 6:55 in the morning as the sun comes up over the highway. So, tonight, I'm a bit focused on music. In fact, I had to call this manufacturer after hearing about a CD changer, just to find out if it shuffles. I am old school and I love shuffling several of my CDs while I work/write/clean/watch the cat stare out the window. (The answer is that the less expensive one shuffles within a single CD, while the more expensive one can shuffle among all the CDs. Man, I could use several hundred bucks right now.)

My thoughts turned to what I have right now in terms of CD players. And I have enough to play FIVE CDs in my home! Here's what's in them right now:

1. Living Room stereo, #1 in carousel: Plans, featuring the aforementioned driving song.

2. Living Room stereo, #2 in carousel: musicforthemorningafter--I'm pretty sure I heard "Just Another" in the restaurant. Great debut--a lot of the tracks ended up everywhere on TV and movies.

3. Living Room stereo, #3 in carousel: Australia. Really not sure what possessed me to pull this out of my collection tonight. I have "Ghost" on at least one other CD--again, another artist whose songs end up everywhere.

4. Bedroom clock/radio/CD: True Love Waits. My go-to CD if I can't fall asleep. It's really an amazing piece of classical piano translation from modern rock. Somebody I worked with at the bookstore told me he saw O'Riley play live in Philly and at one point the musician rolled out miles of sheet music for just one song, just to show how complex the composition was. As if you couldn't tell from listening to it.

5. Bedroom boombox (what? I needed a tape deck!): Once. I think I needed to hear "Broken Hearted Hoover Fixed Sucker Guy" for a laugh last week.

Hope your weekend is filled with both music and laughter.


Amy said…
Instead of a new CD player, you should get a dock with speakers for your iPod. It's a lot cheaper.
Was going to say what Amy said. Target had a really attractive one a few months ago, probably still does.
Kate P said…
Well, ladies, it's interesting you both make that suggestion. I've had an iPod for a few months now, and I'm not sure it really can give me what I've gotten from CDs and a stereo. I don't have enough memory in my laptop or my iPod for all my CDs. Can I shuffle within an album? What about among three? Still figuring all that out--not quite sold on the iPod-replaces-stereo idea just yet.

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