Of Kittens and High Schoolers

I have been trying to personalize my desk space a bit, and I hung up a kittens calendar--a former co-worker always gives me a cat calendar every year, but I hadn't had an office (or a wall) to speak of at work yet to hang up the one she gave me this past Christmas.

As a bit of background for the next segment of the story: There are a few ground rules in the library. One of them is that students are limited to sitting just four at a table. They always try to bend that rule and drag extra chairs over, or stand there, or whatever. It just gets to be too loud and disruptive when they are supposed to be studying. So both the other librarian and I spend a lot of time reminding students it's "four to a table" and encouraging them to take a seat somewhere else and, you know, study. I can't tell you how many times we say four to a table in one day.

I had gotten wrapped up in a few things before getting to my computer this morning, and the other librarian and I needed to look at something on my screen together. When we got over to my desk, I saw a post-it note stuck to the kitten currently up for October:

"I can haz five at a taybul?"

I cracked up. The poor kitten had gotten the LOLcats treatment.

It was clever, but two can play at that game.

I stuck a second post-it note underneath the first that said,

"No moar than 4! K thx bai!"

I haven't heard any comments about it yet. It's funny--I had been thinking about making up LOLcats signs reinterpreting the library rules in a funny way. This little occurrence probably is confirmation that such signs might speak to them!

(I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to tell a funny story about today. Outside of that, the day was pretty difficult. Got bad news yesterday afternoon--the kind where I'm just not that close with my new co-workers to talk about it. . . heck, the people it's happening with don't even seem to want to talk about it. . . I can't do anything about it but pray. I think it just weighed on my mind, and getting attitude from some students today was pushing me to the point where I finally just walked away and sat down in the workroom. Tomorrow should be better.)


Dave E. said…
Haha, I love that post-it and your response. I bet you get something humorous back when you aren't looking.
ccr in MA said…
I love the LOL calendar treatment! Clever kids and clever you.

And yes, today will be better. Surely.
Mr. Bingley said…
Hehehe, great!
Lindsay said…
That's awesome, though I'm sure their English grades in high school and college won't be.
Cullen said…
That's too funny. I hope your day has gone better.

w/v: ingly - or or lacking the "Mr." and the "B."
Cullen said…
And the superfluous "e" too, I guess.
Mr. Bingley said…
hehe, most folks say I'm the one lacking, cullen!
Cullen said…
I was lacking in preview skills. That was supposed to be "of or lacking." I suck.

Also, I'd never say that to your face, Bing.
Kate P said…
Dave--no response to *my* response yet, but maybe when next month's picture goes up. . .

ccr--yeah, the next day was better, but Friday was horrendous.

Lindsay--oh noes! Actually, the English dept. here is great. They don't accept LOL-speak papers. :)

Cullen--Hahahaha, you are killing me. Bingley with the superfluous "e" is a good sport!

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