The LOLCats Dialogue Continues

This afternoon, I discovered a new LOL-speak post-it stuck to my kittens calendar:

I can haz reconz?

I had to think about what that meant for a minute.

Oh! Reconsider.

My response:


Why? Because someone felt the need to mess with the only table of six, recently instituted by my desk, by removing two of the four bolts holding the one wobbly leg to the tabletop.

It may be your library, kids, but we library people hesitate to give you the things you ask after we see the things already given you, devalued.


Amy Giglio said…
dey haz betteh b ceerfool wit dem stickeh notz or de calendah kitteh mite bit off dems fingahs!
Kate P said…
Heh. Oddly enough, I went back to it yesterday afternoon and only the original caption "stickeh" note was left on. So I simply replied, "Taybul of fiev? Oh noes!" I was at a seminar today, so who knows what I will find when I go in tomorrow?

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