Translator Needed

I flipped the cat calendar behind my desk in the library to November on Monday. Tuesday morning, there was a post-it with the latest LOLCats caption:

"Trashcat iz not amuzd"

The picture is of a white kitten--one of those persian smushed-nose ones. So it does look kinda PO'd.

I don't get the "Trashcat" part, though. Can anybody help me out?


Sorry, love. LOL cats is way after my time, so I don't get the jokes mostly.
Amy said…
dunno. mabye iz cuz looks liek kitteh git smushed in face wif trashcan lid?
Kate P said…
Ken--true, it's not for everybody. You might like in that case. Cullen suggested that one.

Amy--gud sejeshun!
Here's a link that might help explain.
Kate P said…
That's it, HH! Thank you. Another white cat, even. The anonymous student must be very good at correlating things.

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