The Friday Five: Awards Ceremony

These homemade medals might be made of tin foil, but they signify "the Best" all the same. This week I'm awarding medals to. . .

1. Tracey and Sarahk, for their unparalleled commentary-with-a-side-of-snark on the Games. Special mention to Nightfly for his (very apt) comic find, and to p for her saying something that was in the back of my mind as well (language alert). Of course the other thing I was thinking, and wondering if anyone else was, was how one of the women gymnasts from team China (hah), the one named Jiang, looked a bit like Bindi Irwin, especially when she kept doing that grimace where she tucked in her top lip. Or am I hallucinating from all the Game Lag?

2. My boss, for not giving me a hard time about taking off all of next week. Things are simmering in the department and it feels horrible. Plus I needed to use up some time. And get to the beach, for crying out loud.

3. My late grandmother, in honor of yesterday’s being the 19th anniversary of her death. (Massive party next year, declared the North Jersey contingent during my visit last month. Aren’t we weird?) I didn’t get to see her that often because of the distance, and when we got together either we got on famously or we butted heads like crazy. My guess is that we were very much alike, and I wish I could have gotten to know her beyond my early teenage years. I hope she takes breaks from her bridge games in Heaven often enough to see what I’m doing and is proud.

4. The children/YA section lady at the local bookstore, for helping me pick books for my nephew’s birthday that were a big hit. I went in after work to pick up this book (it’s research for my upcoming stint at the high school, not to mention I was curious after The Wall Street Journal did an article on the author and I had a coupon) and I stopped to see if she was there to tell her thanks. We had a conversation about the series and other YA books as well. Book chat rocks.

5. The cat, for holding her own the other night when a black cat strolled up onto the patio. I wasn’t thrilled it was 12:30 in the morning and the screaming scared the living daylights out of me (BTW you owe the Swear Jar $9.50, cat), but the turf defense from this side of the patio door was masterful.

Have a good weekend, everyone; I think we all deserve one after this loooong week.


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