Easter's on Its Way

. . . or at least I'm saying it is because I sent a couple of funny cards to my parents ("they thought the cat was a pagan until she put a hat on and tried to come to church with them") and to my sister (chocolate bunny advising a bitten-eared chocolate bunny "you should have that looked at").

Really, my thoughts were starting to turn to Palm Sunday after I walked into church yesterday and saw the saints' statues covered up with cloth (anybody else's church do that? our pastor revived the tradition a couple years back). I started to think of my dad's observation that there seemed to be a "ton of babies" at Palm Sunday Mass.

Years ago, that seemed pretty true. Maybe that was because that's when the weather started getting nice and people were more likely to take the babies out of the house? Maybe because it's a "giveaway day" (free palm! you can wave it and braid it! woooo!)? I don't know.

But in any event, if you do go to church and see babies, be kind (as Amy Welborn used to plead when her kids were littler and the family was traveling).


Lindsay said…
I'm in Boston--I rarely ever see babies! Or children. I always joke that the cab drivers deplete their ranks. Of course, if that proves to be true, I'm going to feel as if I am single-handedly responsible for tempting fate.
Cullen said…
Argh! We still have to do our Easter shopping!
"they thought the cat was a pagan until she put a hat on and tried to come to church with them"

That is funny right there.
Kate P said…
Lindsay--no little ones in sight? Where do they keep them???

Cullen--I know; just think, it was in March last year! Is that church clothes for the kids, or stuff for their Easter baskets?

Laura--Yeah, that was a real find at CVS. Hallmark has actually had some funny ones in the past few months. It was too hilarious to pass up. My mom and dad cracked up when they saw it.
Kate P said…
Aaah! Get shopping, Cullen & J-mom!

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