Rainy Day Random

  • Sorry for the cranky post the other day, and sorry for my recent absence from the Web. Working odd hours had me coming home late the past few nights this week, which made me too weary to fire up the laptop.

  • Haven't had too much to report, anyway. The workshop on gaming turned out to be about just video games and their application in the library, what with video and computers being the "fourth kind of media" and all that. The presenter was a librarian from Jersey who had a fun style of presenting, even if his powerpoint left something to be desired. Obviously, I didn't get to hear any real negatives about implementation, but I did get a few ideas that might work for my library to increase traffic in my official demographic.

  • The real upside to workshops, I realized, is that I got to chat with some other librarians. There are a few around my age, albeit in the adjacent county, but at least when I go to the other workshop next week, I'll see at least one person I know. That's a real help for someone like me who is rather introverted and a bit socially anxious.

  • The funny thing about Tuesday's workshop was that, thanks to directions that were slightly off, I walked in late. . . and noticed one of the attendees with a shamrocks headband (a no-no, I agree with Sheila). I mean, really? A lot of other attendees and presenters were wearing green--I wore a green shirt and shamrock argyles (see below)--I mean, wear it in your library maybe (and I'm not even sure about that), but at a workshop? Kinda inappropriate and distracting IMO.

  • After the workshop, I was able to grab a quick lunch before heading to my other job. The bookstore was surprisingly busy for being a big party night. Maybe it was because the weather was nicer than it has been. Also, Tuesdays are new release days for books/CDs/DVDs, so that might be part of it, too.

  • The weird thing was, the customers would not leave. The manager did a "we will be closing" announcement at the 15 minute mark, and nobody moved. My co-worker did the "we are now closed" announcement and turned off the music at 10, and maybe two people started heading out. Tables in the cafe were still packed. We had to go around telling individuals we were closed (11 p.m. closings are Friday and Saturday, gang), and I was annoyed because I wasn't scheduled to stay after to close. By the time I got home at 10:30, I was exhausted.

  • Spent yesterday sleeping in, hitting Five Below with my mom so she could get a basketball for Oldest Nephew when he visits (I knew they'd have basketballs there!), and putting away laundry. Today is a dreary, draggy day, but I'm going to take the long way to pick up my mail (walk around my building and the next one over to come around to the front lobby) just to be moving my bod.

  • I'm planning what I hope is an interesting Friday Five, so stay tuned.

(O.K., so it's a green drink, but creme de menthe makes me nostalgic for my childhood St. Patrick's Day celebrations with my family.)


Dave E. said…
Nice socks, seriously.

Maybe blinking the lights would have gotten the store customers attention, or just turning them off for a few seconds. Ah, perhaps that's too obnoxious. Still, ignoring the store closing is pretty rude. Yeah the customer comes first, but the employees are people too. People who have worked a shift and probably want to go home to eat, or let the dog out, or whatever else in life beyond work. It wouldn't hurt for customers to keep that in mind.
Kate P said…
Dave--my mommy bought me those socks from Kohl's! She mailed my sister a pair, too.
You're right, I might not have had a dog to let out, but I did have an accident to clean up when I got home (*sigh*). I'm not even sure where the light switches are in the bookstore but that's a good idea.

Bingley--that's a big compliment coming from you!

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