What does my car trash tell you?

Ten minutes (or less) of car cleaning, in the bitter wind, yielded. . .

  • 7 empty water bottles
  • about a dozen old parish bulletins from at least 2 churches
  • the Kohl's ad from when I went Christmas shopping on December 8
  • the Kohl's ad from when I went shopping with Mom last week (O.K., that one was hers and she left it behind, the litterbug)
  • my "thanks for the interview" fax to my now-employer
  • a birthday coupon for Macy*s (from, uhhh, October. . .)
  • the supposedly infrared (but non-functional) ice scraper Mom gave everybody for Christmas in 2007

I think it says it's been too darn cold all winter to stand outside and clean my car.


Lizzie said…
What if you're picking up a dirty diaper you forgot was in the back seat, or shreds of that kohl's ad you let your kid play with. Or lists of things you should have done last week had you not lost the list. Then what does that say about you? Hypothetical, of course...
Dave E. said…
When my pickup is really clean, meaning no crap behind the seat in the extended cab area, it means I had a date. All of my friends and family know this, not that I've told them. They apparently figured it out on their own.
nightfly said…
At first I read that as "What does my car CRASH tell you?" and that you were cleaning up to give the car to the service folks. I am relieved that it was just my eyes being stupid and I'm glad you are un-collided-with.
Kate P said…
Lizzie--that is (hypothetically) a very busy mom! :)

Dave--ha ha, that's right. In fact, I had been cleaning it in the event I had to give someone a ride today. Wasn't necessary, but hey, maybe the door's open for a date now.

'Fly--oh no! Funny you should say that though: about this time several years back, just after I'd signed the lease for my first apartment, I was involved in a terrible car accident and I had SO MUCH NEW STUFF that I'd gotten for the new apartment (phone, answering machine, lamp, etc.) in the back seat.

The nice (non-West Coast) police officer took my things out and put them with me as I sat in the back of the cruiser and waited for my mom to come.

And, hey, it's been almost a year since that doofus rear-ended my car on Palm Sunday. How about that?

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