Maiden Moment #26-4-18

We had interviews for the new library director today--three candidates--and, to my surprise, I was asked to participate. (Hmmm, is that like being treated as an actual librarian?) I don't know how much my commentary will count for anything, which is fine because I haven't had the length of employment as the rest of the "panel." They were all fairly qualified and personable, but I think it was pretty clear that one that stood out to everyone. I think the Board makes the final decision, so we'll see what we find out in a couple weeks.

In any event, it worked to my advantage because I dressed up a bit more--and wouldn't you know, my supervisor (she of the passive-aggressive chair and shelving maneuvers) finally got around to taking my picture for the article she's submitting to the local paper.

She sent me the article to proofread, but there weren't too many details involving me beyond "this is the new teen librarian"--really, it was more about the fact that we moved the YA section and are making it nice and actually usable. . . oh, and about how she will still have a hand in all the teen stuff, because she likes it.

Oh, O.K. Thanks for clearing that up.

The only thing I really changed in the article was that she titled me "Ms." I don't use it if I have the option to use "Miss." It just communicates something different.

Her: It's not a title I'm fond of, either. [Funny thing is, she's married but at the library the children call her "Miss (first name)."]
Me: I mean, I'm not afraid to tell people I'm single. And hey, it doesn't hurt to say I'm looking.
Her: So I should find some men to introduce to you?
Me: Uh, sure, why not?
Her: You're looking for a nice Catholic man?
[Her husband's a pastor in a Protestant denomination. . . apparently they had a discussion as to what "cantor" meant on my resume' before I was hired. I'm so mystifying.]
Me: Well, Christian would be O.K., too. Really, as long as he's O.K. with my being Catholic that's O.K. with me.

That really is the truth, in my experience. I'm sorry to say I've met far too many men who call themselves Catholic but aren't true to the faith because it interferes with they way they want to date/work/live. Probably there are single Catholic men who have experienced the same frustration regarding some women who claim to be Catholic and behave otherwise. It's a shame. So maybe it's just time everybody forgoes the label hunt and goes for quality.

Couldn't hurt.

(The title number is my high school locker combination. Let's hear it for functioning long term memory!)


Amy Giglio said…
I thought the number was a start date! There I go revealing my inner dork again....
Kate P said…
(At least your inner dork is cute!)

I figured I'd better explain that one. Some past numbers I have made up, but at least one is a genuine date, and another is an address.

Just so nobody thinks I'm really counting.

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