Embarrassing Technology Bleg

There's a member of the library board that wants the library, and possibly the teen section of the library, to have a FB account(s). I don't know the first thing about it--I don't think she does, either. I can't really find a basic intro in the "about" section.

I personally never wanted an account. Everybody seems to indicate it's a big timewaster, and I'm not really looking for people from my past to find me. Also, I have to watch my professional image because I'm job hunting.

Can anybody give me any pointers? Should I just sign up for an account and noodle around?

The board member lady called me Saturday in the middle of the book sale and pushed for a Tuesday meeting, so I have to get somewhat up to speed as soon as possible.


Cullen said…
If you set up a personal account, you could start a group(s) for the library. Your personal account only needs to have as much/little information as you want to put in it. You don't even have to use your real name.

When you start a group, it's a place to put announcements, images, news, etc. People can join the groups and when you post updates, they get the message on their account.

You could also just start a page for the library itself.

As far as use of FB is concerned, it's pretty user friendly. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that any note you write to someone on their "Wall" is visible by all of your friends and all of the other person's friends.
Dave E. said…
I just signed up and am still puzzling out what I want to do there. Cullen's advice seems pretty good to me and for the library I think you should not do something specific to you, so you can transfer it to someone else when you get the ideal library job that you are destined for.
Amy Giglio said…
I don't thinkI could have said it better than these guys did. So I'm just going to say "Hi Kate!"
Anonymous said…
Not much to add but just to clarify, if you start a group or a page for the library as Cullen suggests, you can transfer control to other people. Multiple users can have admin powers too.
I think it would be the better option than for the library or the teen section to have its own user account.
Also, does the library have a teen advisory board (TAB)? It might be a good thing to get them involved with starting the page.
Kate P said…
These are great hints--thanks, guys!

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