The Friday Five: Q in search of A

Five of the many questions running around in my brain this week:

1. Why doesn't the cat understand that if she gets so excited about dinner that she throws herself against my legs, I could trip and hit my head on the kitchen counter, thereby rendering me unable to finish dishing out the food?

2. How is it that the stupidest, meanest, and/or ugliest people manage to find each other and fall in love, and with seemingly little effort?

3. Why do people bring their children to a bookstore to do research?

4. Have we seen the last of the snow in Philly?

5. Can all of us crazy bloggers possibly fit in Tracey's far-out RV?

I am dying to blog more, but tonight was setting up for the big book sale tomorrow (being run by the library's teens!) so I am exhausted. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Annie Coe said…
I am with you on question #2 :-).
Have a great book sale today!
nightfly said…
1. Probably the same affliction that affects the Official Puppy.

2. They shine to each other like beacons. The most broken people recognize something about each other within seconds of meeting. It's remarkable and sad and the results are often a disaster.

3. ?

4. It's been 70 degrees over here the whole weekend. Remarkable.

5. You kidding? The Traveling Cosmic Yurt is rather like the TARDIS - much bigger on the inside.
Kate P said…
Annie--oh, good, it's not just me. Thank you; we raised quite a bit of money and sent people home with a lot of reading to do!

'Fly--as they would say on Family Feud, "Good answer, good answer!"

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