Hey, Kids, It Snowed.

Here's the view from my patio door--you can tell the wind was so fierce last night that it knocked over my chairs:

It was still really windy as I was cleaning off the car and walking around this afternoon. Brrrr! When I came in, I made (non-dairy) hot chocolate and searched for a piece of art I'd seen, strangely enough, in a shopping center ad in a magazine. I knew the artist was Claes Oldenburg right away--it is called Corridor Pin, Blue (shown as slide #02 here). Look how huge it is, in the middle of the (artificial) park!

Oldenburg has been one of my favorite artists since my days as a high school art student, partly because he has a pretty famous piece in Philly, and also partly because I like the philosophy and style of his work. Seemingly ordinary things are exaggerated to the point where the viewer sits up and takes notice. Those mundane things become something else, have another purpose in a way, and no longer can be taken for granted. Maybe in some way, I identify with that!

Anybody else get snow today? Do anything interesting because of it?


Dave E. said…
Ha! I was trying to figure out where I had heard the name Claes Oldenburg before. As soon as I saw that pic of the safety pin I knew. I love the work of his that I've seen.

We got our latest hit of snow on Thursday last week. Almost a whiteout grade storm at one point. It's OK as far as I'm concerned at this point. The signs of spring are getting stronger everyday.
Cullen said…
We got our snow on Saturday. But it's more odd for Memphis to get 6+ inches of snow than our northern bretheren.
Kate P said…
Dave--that's right, Mpls has the spoon! I want to say Chicago has the lipstick but that's off the top of my head. I would love to see more of these sculptures in person.
One of my friends down south said she saw her first bluebird today. Spring's gotta be coming.

Cullen--wow, you did get hammered with snow! Apparently for once those of us west of Philly were spared. It was an odd storm.
Mr. Bingley said…
We had a lot over on the Shore, which is a rare-ish treat.

It was very very pleasing to stay home and cook a nice brunch-type meal.
Kate P said…
Yeah, Bingley, usually my side gets dumped on and the shore gets rain!

Your brunch reminded me of a crack from a comedian in the early '90s about how everybody runs to the store to buy milk and eggs before a snowstorm: "What, in case you have a French Toast Emergency?" Maybe at the Bingley house you might!

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