More on Oldenburg

Shortly after I posted about the Claes Oldenburg artwork in the shopping center, the Ovation channel aired a program about him (I am prescient, no?). Here's an excerpt from it--love watching him draw and hearing him talk as he draws. I'm not sure when they're going to air the program again, but it was really well done. IMO, anyway--I was rapt. Obviously a lot of the "male-female" imagery in his work went over my head as a fairly innocent teenager, so in a way the program deepened my appreciation.

I'm not sure how widely Ovation is available; I didn't know about it until I switched cable providers. Then again, I had basic (non-digital) cable at that time. About a month or so ago, they aired a program from the U.K. called "Lost in Austen," which was a hilarious four-part series about a modern-day gal who gets mixed up in the world of Pride & Prejudice after the door at the back of her bathroom leads to the Bennet house. It appears they will be airing the series again this month, so if you like Austen you should see it. (Of course Mr. Bingley is a very prominent part of the show, in case certain people were wondering.)

Gosh, I have so much I want to blog about, but I have got to clean up my neglected apartment. I've got the patio slider door open to cool the place off, so now I can buzz around. . . well, buzz around the best I can after a physically demanding, but very successful, book sale yesterday.


Anonymous said…
I think Ovation is fairly new. We just got it out of the blue 6-9 months ago.
I loved "Lost in Austen" but missed most of the rest of the "tall dark and classic" specials they ran.
Kate P said…
Oh my gosh, some of those "tall, dark & classic" movies looked really RACY!

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