Announcing the Winner(s)

Before any more time passes, I wanted to make good on my promise that I was giving something away for the little haiku contest from a previous Friday Five. Things got a bit frazzled last week so I spaced out on the choosing.

To be honest, I enjoyed everyone's responses (and I imagine Tracey's blogger-eaten ones were quite good). So in all fairness I'm going to take the first submitted--Cullen's--and declare him the winner. Congrats, Cullen! Please e-mail me your address so I can send you something I hope you'll enjoy.

Also, I wanted to declare Charli the runner-up. If I can send a little something to your part of the world, I'm gonna try. So do e-mail me your address, too, please.

That was a lot of fun. Giving away stuff is fun. (Uh, anybody want all the papers on my desk?)


Anonymous said…
Yay! How exciting! Thanks, Kate. :D

I agree that everyone's responses were very good.
Cullen said…
Thanks, Kate. I enjoyed everyone's responses as well. Once again my lack of real-world busy-ness pays dividends. Let's hear it for the slackers.

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