Somebody Burn Some Sage in This Building

I hear that even some other parts of the country reported on how badly southeastern PA got hit with storms yesterday. It's true. (Nothing like storm damage to take our minds of the state budget mess and the Philly government's "give us money or we'll lay off police" threats.)

I spent the afternoon at the library contacting my teen reading buddies to tell them tonight's event was canceled, and rescuing the prizes for our big end-of-summer-reading bash so they didn't stink. I had to lay cardboard down to get across it or else splash around. The carpet in the basement is soaked and caked with mud, pretty much all the way across, from all the rainwater that came in. (Drainage probably will be the first thing modified when renovations start next year, I'm guessing). And the horrible stench traveled up the stairs so basically anyone walking across the juvenile department could smell it. Gross.

Because the library's maintenance is handled by the local government, we're on a waiting list to get things taken care of. The wait means that we had to cancel a number of events that were supposed to take place in the basement, at least for the first half of this week. The event I'm having for the teens this weekend might or might not happen, so being in this sort of limbo screwed up my list of things to get done when I was in. And actually, things were already screwed up because I went in an hour earlier to help contact all the people about cancellations.

So that was a bit of a bummer. Coming on the heels of the bummer that happened Friday morning when the IT person from the main branch of the library fell down those now-smelly steps while carrying a server. It happened before I came in, but I heard it was a hard tumble down the steps. So. . . injured IT person, no server work (and no memory upgrade on my computer, as had been planned also), squishy mud in the smelly basement, events canceled. This library has attracted some seriously bad mojo or something.
Or maybe the library knows I'm leaving and that I went to sign my papers this morning.

That's one ticked off library..


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