The Happiness-Focused Friday Five

I really did plan to get up early to post the Friday Five before I had to run errands and go to the library. Unfortunately, my mind was racing at bedtime, yet again, and I slept horribly. . . meaning I wasn't moving too quickly this morning.

But that's O.K., because it made me rethink what I'd planned for the Friday Five and this is better. Well, I'm not so sure about better for you, my blogfriends, but better for me. I just have to focus on the happy stuff because there's nothing else to do with all the petty, stupid and/or sad stuff thrown my way lately. And today was loaded with it. So here are five things that made me very happy this week.

1. OvationTV has been doing "The Good, the Bard, & the Ugly" all week long. I missed a few of the films between work and traveling, but Twelfth Night gives me fond memories of having seen it performed on stage down in Younger Sister's neck of the woods. It also makes me think of Shakespeare fans ("More than a fan--we're involved!"--Mandella) like Jen.

2. As stated earlier, readers may yawn, but right before I left for work, I discovered water pouring onto the kitchen floor from the doors of the cabinet under the sink. Every time water went down the drain, it was leaking out of. . . something. . . I didn't know if it was the pipe or the disposal or what.
11:55 on a Friday, the apartment manager is at lunch, and what were the odds it was something that didn't have to wait until Monday to get fixed? So I stopped the dishwasher I'd just started (hey! good idea, kid! it drains into there!) and recorded a plaintive message on the leasing manager's voice mail. Then I screamed. And left for work.
Bless his heart, the maintenance guy fixed everything and possibly tried to call my work to let me know it was O.K. (I don't know if someone had him on hold too long or what but when I picked up the line nobody was there.) So when I got home and saw the maintenance tag on the door I was super happy that I didn't have to wash dishes in the bathtub.

3. My high school classmate did very well on Top Chef this week! Not the elimination challenge winner but great showing!

4. Cute baby alert! Blogger (and frequent commenter here) Lindsay is an aunt now! Yay! And here's one more cute baby while I'm on the subject!

5. Sheila's sister has a great cover songs project going. So far my favorites have been "Opposites Attract" and, um, Grover as Heart.

I'm off to rest so I can sell (used books!) this weekend. Happy weekend, everyone.


Lindsay said…
Oh I LOVE 10 things I hate about you. It is spot on reflective of high school I think.
Lindsay said…
Aww, thank you, Kate! :o) Lucy is pretty darn cute. I can only hope my niece will be so adorable. Alice and Lucy. Sounds like they should be BFFs or something.

How do you manage to sell the books without buying them for yourself? You must have a lot of self-restraint. Or a restrictive wallet.
Kate P said…
Ha ha, I have 2 comments from both my Lindsay readers!!!

Lindsay(Booke)--well, of course it is! It's based on Shakespeare! :) Actually, I wouldn't know b/c I went to school with just girls.

Lindsay(Sleepy)--Yeah, Lucy could totally show Alice the ropes of being cooed over! As for the books, I try to strike a balance between buying and borrowing. I can always buy later if I realize "gotta have" a particular title I've borrowed. This particular used book sale was just kids' books, but I did get to have a few (kids'/teens') as compensation for working beyond what I'd planned.

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