A Quick Post Between Jobs

I'm about to go load four cases of soda into my car, but before I do. . . Orientation was pretty good today. I realized how inexperienced I am next to practically everyone else there, but that's O.K. for now. All the other "new" teachers/nurses/guidance counselors were friendly.

There was a near-miss with my crazy ex-roommate at lunch (funny, I didn't think she ate lunch) but she and her lunch companion quickly cleared their table and left the restaurant. I don't care who hears about me from her because whatever she gleaned is probably all wrong, and I don't speak to anybody associated with her anymore, anyway. Whatever.

But just weird that it happened. Odds-defyingly weird.

Now for some fun at the library.

Did I mention I am tired???


Amy Giglio said…
glad it went well!
Kate P said…
Well, thank you! Each day is getting a little bit easier. A little. :)

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