T-minus About 8 Hours

So let's see. . .

I have orientation for my new job at 7:30 a.m.,

I'm sitting at the computer with toe-separators jammed on my feet while I hope my polish (a) won't smudge and (b) isn't a questionable color,

Not exactly sure what I'm wearing tomorrow,

Or whether I need to bring a lunch (Luna bar in tote it is!),

Wondering what my hair's gonna feel like doing tomorrow morning--and it's ID picture day,

But really,



hoping that I won't feel like a weirdo being the only librarian at orientation.

And that the other new teachers will be friendly.


Anonymous said…
Good luck, Kate! I'm sure you'll be fine :)
Lizzie said…
You'll be perfect and everyone will love you!!! I'm super excited for you. Tell us everything.
Lindsay said…
I second Liz's comment. Let us know how it goes. I'm betting that you're dong wonderfully, because you're you, and that's what you do. Hey, I even managed to make that rhyme.
Cullen said…
Well, I'm too late for good luck, so I hope everything went well. I'm sure you did just fine.

wv: donog - did not!
Kate P said…
Charli--thank you!

Lizzie--oh, yes, I have much to tell, I promise.

Lindsay--ha ha, that was cute.

Cullen--never too late! Thanks. . . and did too! :)

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