The Early Saturday Five

Hmmm, maybe I couldn't sleep because my subconscious knew I'd forgotten the Friday Five. Dunno. Or maybe it's all this work transition stuff.

Yesterday was just busy. After dashing to the post office to make sure I returned the cat's drinking fountain in time to get a refund (with an apologetic "Sorry she didn't like it!" on the return slip), I spent the afternoon at the library, trying to coordinate help for the upcoming book sale and trying not to break into a sweat when the children's librarian pulls up a chair next to my desk and asks, "So, after the big event at the end of the month, what are your plans for the Fall?" What, do I have that "new job" smell? Oh, she means my plans for the YA stuff. . . I told her about the events I've been trying to line up-and truly I do want to set up as much as possible by the end of the month--but under my cool facade my heart was racing. Professionalism is hard but it really is the right thing to do, to wait until the director returns from vacation on Monday. It's not the best timing, because I know there's practically a line of people waiting to hit him with stuff, so I feel bad. But whaddya gonna do?

Not sleep, apparently. Yet I'm pretty sure I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was happy.

Anyway, let's get to the No-Longer-Friday Five: Five things that totally cracked me up this week:

1. There's a Silent G in "Trench." Who knew?

2. O.K., so let me preface this by saying it was sad that Les Paul died. You have to admit, he lived a full life. I had no idea how much stuff he invented until I happened to be driving around and put on the public radio station. Kathy O'Connell, the host of Kids' Corner, was talking about him in a way for kids to understand who he was and appreciate what he did. At one point, though, she got a little worked up, as she is wont, but she always is fully aware and just has this way of delivery: "He invented the EIGHT TRACK. [without missing a beat] Kids, that means absolutely nothing to you, but you gotta believe me, that's important. . ." I nearly drove off the road laughing.

3. It also cracked me up that one of the songs up for winner of the nightly music challenge was Weird Al Yankovic's "I Love Rocky Road." (It won--isn't it great that another generation loves his early stuff?) I'm not sure why he doesn't have this video on his own YouTube channel!

4. Not sure if I missed it when it aired during Season 3, but "Slapsgiving" was probably the funniest episode of "How I Met Your Mother" that season. I've been renting the discs from the video store thanks to a really cheap offer.

5. My mom sent me a link to this Librarian action figure. I told Mom it looks like Janet Reno. I've never seen my mom write back in caps hysterically like that before.

Well, would you look at that--time for breakfast! Hope you all enjoy what's left of the weekend.


Dave E. said…
The way that Librarian action figure is posed reminds me of Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles:

"Hold it! Next patron makes a move, the Librarian gets it!"
Kate P said…
Hahahaha--I love that movie!
Cullen said…
It is good to see that Weird Al isn't firmly entrengched in our generation.
Mr. Bingley said…
His Michael Jackson videos were fantastic..."I'm Fat" and "Eat it".

Kate P said…
Cullen--that's right; he has unigversal appeagl.

Bingley--Yeah, they put so much effort into making them takeoffs on the videos as much as the lyrics were to the songs, didn't they? And "Eat It" is a regular favorite on the kids' show, too. Cracks me up.

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