From the Desk of the Friday Five

1. To the Library:

Please stop having a "dark cloud" or whatever it is that is stifling your mojo. Swamped basement, delays on the promised equipment for the children's thing tomorrow, half my teen board didn't show up for today's meeting, my being locked out of the upstairs by my co-workers while I was in said meeting--please clear it up before we start getting weirdo calls like poor H.V. (Warning: NSFW!).

2. To This Week's Paycheck:

The 24 hours we've spent together have been really special. Please give my love to phone/tv/internet and the credit card when you see them.

3. To Mr. Microwave:

Please, please, please--make the turntable start working again. (Don't make me replace you.)

4. To the Overprotective Mom of One of the Teen Board's Members:

Stop making excuses for your kid, or stop accepting them or whatever. Claiming stomachaches all the time is what little kids do when they can't express feelings. Maybe sixth grade is a bit too young to get involved with the teens. That's O.K.--there are plenty of middle/high school years ahead. Blaming me for your child's not wanting to attend an event? Not O.K.

5. To the Weather:

Thanks for being so lovely today! Please consider staying for the rest of summer.

To the blogreaders: Have a great weekend!!!


Annie Coe said…
Sometimes stressful things happen all at the same time, but I am glad you had good weather :-). Hope things get better soon.
Dave E. said…
And I thought IT help desk was bad.

The kids and stomachaches thing is true, though I really did have a stomach ulcer-like condition when I was about 9. A few years later I tried to use it when I wasn't adjusting well to a family move to Atlanta. Mom didn't buy it. Mom was a tough cookie that way.
Kate P said…
Annie--yeah, I figured writing about it might adjust my attitude a little. Thanks. :)

Dave--the good moms know when the kids are trying to fake it, I think. And that kid? She was the first one to show up at the event! I told her mom a little more about the movie, and she said her brother probably was mistaken. I joked that all that college learning made him a know it all.


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