So Far It's Going Over O.K.

The director, fresh from his vacation, was in. His reaction to the resignation letter?

Pretty supportive. He wasn't surprised, for two reasons: First, it's what I'd studied to do, truly. And. . . he said I was good.

That was so nice. I mean, I came in with little experience--but ready to work--and sometimes I felt as if my inexperience really showed.

Of course, he asked if I'd told the head of children's services. I said no, that I hadn't been sure of the protocol but I'd presumed I should notify him first. (I mean, seriously? It's not the sort of thing one can ask around about, exactly.) She was out for the afternoon but returning later for a meeting, so he said he'd tell her. (He must've been reading the "please, please don't make me" plea in my eyes.)

With the stipulation that I send her an e-mail to let her know I'd told him.

It was hard to write for too many reasons to enumerate, but I will say that having the reference librarian's desk right next to mine made it difficult. So did the fact that anyone looking for hardcover YA fiction by authors PAO through SAB could look over the low shelf and over my shoulder. (I also actually, you know, helped library patrons and stuff while I was trying to type. I had an adorable 9th grader who needed help with print resources for a current events paper. Man, in my day, it was enough to hit an incoming freshman with girl-centric summer reading assignments.) But I did get it done and hit "Send."

Ohhhh yeah. That news will have had a day and a half to spread by the time I'm back in there.

I'm wondering if I should bring in a peace offering. Like pie.


Cullen said…
There's never a bad excuse for pie.
Dave E. said…
Cullen is correct. Though I'm guessing brownies would work just as well.

It sounds like you navigated that well, and I'm not surprised. From what I've read here, I suppose it's likely that one or two might test your grace here right up through your last day. That happens all of the time and I'm sure you won't fall into that trap. Just stay focused on the future and let that crap fall by the wayside. You're on your way, and that's what matters.
Mr. Bingley said…
No brownies! The Nut Allergy Nazis will drag you away in chains!
Anonymous said…
I second Cullen's sentiments. There really never IS a bad excuse for pie. Nor is there a bad time for pie. There is just nothing bad at all associated with pie. Unless it has nuts. Now I really want pie. Thanks a lot, Kate. ;-P
Kate P said…
Cullen--good to know. :)

Dave--each day proves you more right. You have no idea. Bring on the (magic?) brownies.

Bingley--actually, there was an entire can of peanuts on the workroom counter the other day. They love nuts. Not too fond of Catholics, though.

Lindsay--if you want to go to the original pie instigator, go see Tracey @ beyond the pale and look at her recent birthday posts. It's all her fault. Delicious, delicious fault.

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