I definitely want to do a longer post on how my class reunion went--after I've caught up on my schoolwork--but I wanted to throw down a few quick notes. I didn't expect to get in until 11:45 last night so there went my reading plans. But overall it was a nice time; my classmates were a lot friendlier to me than I'd expected.

Plus I got to meet the lovely Amy and her mom--so when I didn't see any of my classmates before the liturgy (I think most came just for the cocktail reception), it was nice to have a couple of cool chicks to hang with, and it eased my nervousness.

I think there were about a dozen and a half of us (out of 125 on a "five not zero" reunion, it's actually not that bad). All but three of us had husbands (although surprisingly two were newlyweds), and at least two-thirds were moms--many, many cute kid pictures passed around. I bragged about my niece & nephews. When our cocktail reception at school ended, most of us ended up at a pub around the corner. I wrapped things up around 11:30 to save my voice for singing this morning, and it's a good thing I did: we had visitors at church! My cousins (husband & wife) are coordinators for the parish Pre-Cana day, which is a day of marriage preparation for engaged couples, and today was one of the two times a year they conduct it over at the smaller of our two churches (where I sing just about every week).

Speaking (slightly) of Pre-Cana, I got a bit of a shocking e-mail from a good friend: "Good news! I talked to that customer of mine [my friend's a department manager for a supermarket] I wanted to introduce you to [freaking eons ago]. He came in and was telling me about his trip to Italy [O.K., I'm intrigued], and since no one was around, I told him about you and he was interested." Apparently a picture of me holding my friend's little boy was shown at that time. . . and the customer handed my friend his biz card. I've always said I look hot with a baby in my arms. (Update: now that I have more information via a phone call, my friend was just letting me know he'd like to e-mail the picture to the person. And he laughed and agreed when I said I look hot with a baby in my arms.)

Yeah, I'll be calling my friend for more details. The timing on this is more than a little surprising to me. This morning in the car before going to Mass, right before I silenced my cell, I deleted the contact info for a certain person who has been MIA for the past two and a half weeks. No expectations but it's funny how opportunities come up sometimes.

Edited for clarification (thanks, Amy!).


Nina said…
Ashley said…
Isn't it funny how opportunities pop up?

This morning, I was getting ready for a phone interview for a job when a priest called me about an application I sent in AGES ago to a parish.

Like, what the hell!? Is God trying to confuse me and/or mess with me?! :)
Amy Giglio said…
that does sound intriguing. He travels and since he works at a supermarket, if you got married, you'd never go hungry. Alright!

I wouldn't count that MIA guy out though. Guys are totally on a different time schedule than the rest of us are. They are kind of stupid. in a good way.

It was so cool to meet you too! The women of the class of 73 are CRAZY!!!
Kate P said…
Nina--it *was* a WOOHOO kind of weekend, for sure. I am worn out!

Ashley--oh, yeah, I have moments like that. . . God has a crazy sense of humor, and thanks to original sin we don't "get it" all the time!!!

Amy--thank you for pointing out that I didn't say it right: my *friend* is the supermarket manager (Meat department! Let the jokes commence!). He thinks the customer might be an engineer who does independent consulting. I *heart* nerds.
MIA guy disappeared during December as well and I thought we'd established that it wasn't going to happen again. He wouldn't even tell me the names of his friends after all this time, so I'm thinking he's not ready to get attached. Especially when summer's coming and there are so many Phillies games to watch. (/sarcasm)
I'm tired of blaming myself--I know I deserve better treatment, and if he did resurface there would need to be a huge apology and promise to do better (doubtful)--so I had to do what I did, to accept whatever's coming along.

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