Survived the Library Open House

Holy cow, there were a lot of people. Most of them relatively non-weird. Hopefully we got some new library users out of the deal. (Being a sensitive introvert, I retreated behind the circ desk a couple of times just to get away from the din.) I even survived running into one of the attorneys I worked for at the job I'd left in September. . . forgot he lived in the area, and in any event figured his daughters were too young for the event, but there they were. Got a little good dish about the ol' legal department, and pretty sure anything he reports back to them about me will be positive.

Of course, the haircut I dashed to get before the event went completely unnoticed. (And 99% of the staff is made up of women. I guess my co-workers are too captivated by my smile to notice?) Still, it was worth it because one of the Board members who writes a lot of the press releases took my picture several times, some with the not-yet-installed new director. So I guess it was worth it. (As was enduring the "Are you dating anybody?" conversation while I was getting my weight loss reward pedicure prior to the haircut--my toes look fabulous).

All the entertainment I coordinated showed up, and went very well, so maybe if that gets recognized, then all is forgiven about the hair ignorance.

Now I can finally start thinking about all the library stuff that lies beyond today. Like that "library corner" newspaper article I have due by Friday.

Way less scary than today's event. I think I can handle it.


Sounds like you had a good day.

I wish I had fabulous toes.
Kate P said…
Overall, it was a pretty good day. Even if everything I did went totally unacknowledged by the powers that be.

Having fabulous toes is also a state of mind. . . the at-home trick: with a little sugar scrub and some outrageous polish I wouldn't wear on my hands, they look good to me!
Lindsay said…
A sugar scrub?

I always find it mildly intrusive when people inquire as to my relationship status. I'm an awkward nerd, OF COURSE I'm single. Also, I am still young. Everyone acts as if I'm about to start menopause and need to get on that whole dating thing. (I don't like dating. Actually, I've never "dated"--seems like a waste of time.)
Kate P said…
Yes, Lindsay, a sugar scrub! My favorite is one from Bath & Body Works but St. Ives has one that's slightly more budget-friendly. You even could mix up one at home with 1/2 c. brown sugar and 1/2 c. olive oil.

What, people give YOU a hard time about being single!? (I guess because you're a catch, but really--you are a busy gal!) I'd hate to see what they'd say about someone 10 years older--ME!

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