The Fictional Character Friday Five

Last night's dinner wound up being a lot of fun, mishaps aside*. There were twice as many gals there as were at the reunion in April, and this random dude who was some classmate's friend that rumor had it had invited himself. Our classmate chef was very surprised and delighted, and I probably talked more to some of my classmates than I had the entire four years I'd been with them in high school. Maybe it was because we were older, or outside of school, or done with the teenage drama, or not in each other's faces most of our waking hours anymore, or I really was that "clouded over" in high school, but whatever the reason, it felt easier to talk with people. Some that hadn't gone to the reunion were really happy to see me for the first time in fifteen years.

The seating was a little more broken up than I'd expected, but the three classmates at my table and I chatted up a storm. They were impressed when I amused another classmate's three year old daughter with my Spongebob knowledge. Her favorite character is Gary the snail.

As a side note, the biggest shock seemed to be how beautiful (read: nearly unrecognizable, enviably graceful/mature looking) our one classmate A. had become--and the bigger shock (to those who took the most indoctrination from our feminist nuns teachers) was that she was a very happy stay-at-home mom of three girls!

One weird thing is that nobody asked me if I was still in touch with the one person, S., that was pretty much my closest friend in high school. We both were art students, and she lived fairly close to me, so we hung out a fair amount. We grew apart in college; we just were going in different directions. She went to an art school; I was at a small Catholic college and trying to figure out what I wanted from life. But anyway, we did some crazy things in high school, one of which was the invention of a superheroine, The Skirted Wonder (gee, you think we wore uniforms?), and her sidekick, Sting's Luv. Yes, that's the origin of the name of my Blogger account. So here are five facts to introduce you to this super duo:

1. The Skirted Wonder was S.'s alter ego, and Sting's Luv was mine.

2. The "Sting's Luv" name came about because I had a crush on Sting at the time. O.K., I was pretty much obsessed with anything relating to Sting. What a typical teenager I was, huh?

3. The Skirted Wonder, like all students at our school, wore boxer shorts under her uniform, but hers were not ordinary boxers. They were the Boxers of Justice, and they changed colors whenever they sensed trouble. At one point of extreme peril they went plaid.

4. Sting's Luv was definitely a superheroine-in-training: In one episode, The Skirted Wonder caught her attempting to pry a Zagnut off a locker that had been decorated, in school tradition, with wrapping paper and candy for someone else's birthday.

5. Illustrations were done primarily by S., and I did the writing. Unfortunately, all the writing was wiped out during the horrendous Floppy Disk Failure of 1994. All I have left are my memories (sniff, sniff).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

*IE is giving me problems opening blog pages this evening; if link isn't right I will fix ASAP but I'm referring to my guest post at Nina's on this date.


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